About Our Parish

The his­tory of our parish began:


Feb­ru­ary 18, 1900: St. John the Bap­tist Church in Johns­burg burned. Thirty Ger­man Catholic farm fam­i­lies in Spring Grove thought it was time to have their own parish. Chicago Arch­bishop Fee­han gave them per­mis­sion to start a new parish if they could find a priest to take on the task. St. Peter’s Church of Spring Grove was born. Rev­erend Clement Duerr delayed his
retire­ment to lead the new parish. A white wood frame church with stained glass win­dows and a Ger­man wood carved altar was ded­i­cated on Can­dle­mass Day, 1901.

First bap­tism: Christina Fre­und was bap­tized on Feb­ru­ary 4, 1901.

First mar­riage: Anthony Gaides mar­ried Frances Kinne on July 17, 1901.

First bur­ial in parish ceme­tery: Ray­mond Hoff, an infant, was buried on
May 5, 1901. These parish records are writ­ten in German.

  • 1902: Rec­tory was finished 1905: A Brick addi­tion was added to the back of the church for a school. Lay teach­ers taught the chil­dren for the first ten years.

  • 1906: On Tues­day Oct. 17 Arch­bishop Quigley of Chicago arrived by train to cel­e­brate Con­fir­ma­tion and inspect the new parish. A con­fir­ma­tion class of 50 and the rest of the com­mu­nity includ­ing flag bear­ers and march­ing band greeted the Arch­bishop at the train sta­tion located on Blivin Street and escorted him to the church.

  • 1908: Spring Grove and St. Peter Church becomes a part of the new Dio­cese of Rock­ford under the lead­er­ship of Bishop Muldoon.

  • 1910: Father Duerr retired and Rev­erend William Dom­mer­muth became pastor.
    1915: Con­vent was fin­ished and School Sis­ters of St. Fran­cis of Mil­wau­kee started to teach at the school.

  • 1919: The parish Chris­t­ian Moth­ers Soci­ety was established.
    1926: Rev­erend Anthony Schu­nicht became pas­tor. Dur­ing this time the church pur­chased the house just west of the church owned by Father Duerr and this house became the rectory.

  • 1929: Rev­erend Ambrose Weit­ekamp is pastor.
    1932: Rev­erend Charles Mee­han is pastor.

  • 1933: Rev­erend John Dalei­den became pas­tor and led parish through the Great Depres­sion and World War II. 1942: Annual report asked for prayers for safety of those in mil­i­tary: Arnold May, Mer­lyn Engels, Leo Lay, Robert Kil­bride, George Waspi, Mar­tin May, Clarence Karls, Edward Klein, Stan­ley Kat­tner, James Flan­ningan, Lawrence Gant­ner, Alfonso Gant­ner, Arthur Nims­gern and Lawrence Nimsgern. Mar­garet Zugg of Chicago, niece of Father Duerr, donated 10 acres of land north of the church for a school play­ground and base­ball field. Dur­ing the 40’s and 50’s. local
    base­ball teams were very pop­u­lar. Spring Grove had a team that com­peted with teams from
    Rich­mond, Johns­burg, McHenry and other sur­round­ing towns. The field boasted hav­ing
    bleach­ers and lights!

  • 1947: Mar­i­lyn May, daugh­ter of George and Mary May, was the first voca­tion from St. Peter’s Church of Spring Grove. She entered the order of the School Sis­ters of St. Francis.
    April 1, 1948: ground was bro­ken for an enlarged church and new school. Ben May moved the old school build­ing to 1904 North Street to make room for the new building.

  • 1949: The Mis­sion­ary Sis­ters of the Immac­u­late con­cep­tion joined the parish to teach in the new school.
    1950: Eugene Jung was ordained as a mem­ber of the Mis­sion­ar­ies of the Sacred Heart.

  • 1952: Shrine to Our Lady of Fatima, which still attracts many peo­ple, was dedicated.
    1956: Newly ordained Rev­erend Andrew Plesa was assigned as our first asso­ciate pastor.

  • 1958: Rev­erend Alfred Kruk is assigned as asso­ciate pastor.
    1959: Rev­erend Lawrence Lon­don is assigned as asso­ciate pastor.

  • 1960: Father Dalei­den is trans­ferred and Rev­erend Edward Lehman was installed as pastor
    and Rev­erend Thomas Mon­a­han is assigned as asso­ciate pastor.

  • 1962: Rev­erend Robert Hoff­man is assigned as asso­ciate pastor.
    1963: Rev­erend William Mey­ers is assigned as asso­ciate pastor.

  • 1964: Mary Kay Amore, daugh­ter of Robert and Mary Amore, took final vows as a Mis­sion­ary Sis­ter of the Immac­u­late Conception.

  • 1965: Father Lehman was trans­ferred and Rev­erend John Kil­duff was installed as pastor.

  • 1966: Father Mey­ers is trans­ferred and the dio­cese no longer had enough priests to pro­vide
    asso­ciates. Rev­erend Eugene Lutz of Pis­ta­kee Bay served the parish on week­ends for sev­eral years. After he was no longer able to help parish­ioners, the priests of the LaSalette Shrine, in Twin Lakes, assisted the parish until 2005. 1967: Michael Tier­ney, of the parish, was ordained.

  • 1967: Mis­sion­ary Sis­ters of the Immac­u­late Con­cep­tion were no longer able to run our parish school. Unfor­tu­nately, it was closed in Decem­ber after the par­ents were unable to keep it open with lay teach­ers. The CCD pro­gram for reli­gious edu­ca­tion was established.
    1971: Brother Gale Tin­ney,OGM, of the parish, pro­fessed solemn vows.

  • 1975: David Kagan, son of Dr. and Mrs. Kagan, was ordained to the priesthood.
    1982: Parish Coun­cil was established.

  • 1984: First Eucharis­tic min­is­ters were appointed.
    1985: After exten­sive ren­o­va­tions, the church was reded­i­cated by Bishop Arthur O’Neill
    on Octo­ber 15, 1985.

  • 1988: Father Kil­duff retires and Rev­erend Andrew Plesa returns to St. Peter’s as pastor.
    1990–2000: St. Vin­cent de Paul Soci­ety and Knights of Colum­bus are started. Church hall is
    ren­ovated and air con­di­tion­ing is added. Old con­vent is con­verted to office and meet­ing spaces. Land­scap­ing was done, trees planted and St. Peter’s rock was placed in the enlarged park­ing lot. Church ceme­tery was dou­bled in size; angel statue and colum­bariim were added.

  • 1997: Under the lead­er­ship of Aimee Thomas and Diane Barycki, St. Peter Preschool is started.
    2000: A year­ long cel­e­bra­tion of the parish’s cen­ten­nial included balls, dances, a trip to Rome,
    con­certs and an out­door Mass with Bishop Doran and native priests, nuns and LaSalette priests in June. Fol­low­ing the Mass, Bishop Doran con­se­crated the new ceme­tery area and blessed the
    cen­ten­nial time capsule.

  • 2001: Father Plesa retired and Rev­erend Steven St. Jules is appointed pastor.
    2003: Father Steven St. Jules is trans­ferred and Rev­erend Steven Lange is appointed parochial administrator.

  • 2004: Father Steven Lange is appointed pastor.

  • 2009: Father Lange is trans­ferred and Mon­signor Joseph F. Jar­moluk is wel­comed as our new pas­tor on July 1, 2009 - Present.



Fr. Clement Duerr, Pastor 1900-1910

The First Confirmation Class 1906

St. Peter's School Students 1910

First Holy Communion 1947

Inside Classroom
of Old School

Science Fair 1963
w/Father Lehman


St. Peter's Catholic Church 2012


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